As she walked through the bustling streets of Tokyo, Emily pondered the concept of altruism. She believed that the true essence of humanity lay in acts of kindness and selflessness. Little did she know, her encounter with a homeless man would put her beliefs to the test.

As if by coincidence, Emily stumbled upon the man sitting on a street corner, his eyes filled with despair. Despite the backlash from passersby, she approached him with compassion, offering him her lunch and a kind word. In that moment, she understood the gist of altruism – it was not about receiving recognition or praise, but about making a genuine difference in someone’s life.

Unbeknownst to Emily, her actions had a ripple effect in the community. The homeless man, touched by her kindness, found the strength to seek help and turn his life around. Through a liaison with a local shelter, he was provided with the support he needed to overcome his struggles.

Emily’s small act of kindness sparked an influx of generosity from others, each person inspired by her example to lend a helping hand to those in need. It was a testament to the power of altruism in fostering positive change in the world.

Meanwhile, in a nearby park, a group of children amused themselves by engaging in playful mimicry of their favorite superheroes. Their laughter echoed through the air, a joyful onset to the day.

However, amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, there was an oversight in the preservation of nature. Urbanization had encroached upon the once lush green spaces, threatening the biodiversity of the area.

As Emily reflected on the privilege of living in such a vibrant city, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of responsibility towards its preservation. She vowed to advocate for sustainable development practices and environmental protection measures to ensure a brighter future for generations to come.

In a courtroom across town, a paternity case was underway, the verdict of which would determine the fate of a young child. The accused awaited anxiously, hoping for a reversal of fortune in his favor.

Through the twists and turns of fate, Emily’s journey through the streets of Tokyo had led her to contemplate the interconnectedness of humanity and the importance of compassion in overcoming adversity.












endowment – ●●●

altruism – ●●●

backlash – ●●●

coincidence – ●●●

gist – ●●●

liaison – ●●●

influx – ●●●

mimicry – ●●●

onset – ●●●

oversight – ●●●

preservation – ●●●

privilege – ●●●

paternity – ●●●

reversal – ●●●

verdict – ●●●

hike up: ●●●

hit the jackpot: ●●●

hit the roof: ●●●

hole up: ●●●

harp on: ●●●


The philanthropist made a generous ●●● to the university.

Her ●●● knew no bounds; she was always willing to help those in need.

The controversial decision by the government resulted in a severe ●●● from the public.

It was a strange ●●● that we both ended up at the same café on the same day.

Can you give me the ●●● of the meeting? I missed the first part.

She serves as a ●●● between the two departments, ensuring smooth communication.

The city experienced an ●●● of tourists during the holiday season.

His ●●● of famous actors was so accurate that he often performed in comedy shows.

The ●●● of winter brought heavy snowfall to the region.

The ●●● in the budget led to unexpected expenses for the project.

The ●●● of historical artifacts is crucial for future generations to understand our heritage.

It is a ●●● to have access to quality education.

The DNA test confirmed his ●●●, granting him custody rights over the child.

The unexpected turn of events resulted in a ●●● of fortunes for the protagonist.

The jury deliberated for hours before reaching a ●●● in the murder trial.


After years of playing the lottery, Mary finally hit the ●●● and won millions of dollars.

When Sarah found out that her son had failed his exams again, she hit the ●●● and grounded him for a month.

During the storm, the family decided to ●●● up in their basement until the weather improved.

My boss always ●●●s on the importance of meeting deadlines during our team meetings.