Diversity –
Imagine a diverse garden with various flowers of different colors, shapes, and sizes, representing diversity in nature.

Artifact –
Think of an ancient artifact like a treasure chest filled with historical items, each telling a unique story from the past.

Extinction –
Picture a dinosaur, a symbol of extinction, walking through a barren landscape, emphasizing the concept of species disappearing over time.

Complex (集合体) –
Visualize a complex puzzle made up of many pieces, representing a group or collection of interconnected elements.

Enforcement –
Imagine a police officer holding a badge and enforcing the law, symbolizing the act of ensuring rules are followed and upheld.

Gorge –
Think of a deep, narrow gorge with rushing waterfalls, creating a vivid image of a steep-sided canyon carved by nature’s forces.

Breakthrough –
Picture a light bulb turning on above someone’s head, symbolizing a breakthrough moment of sudden inspiration or discovery.

Rationale –
Associate rationale with logic by picturing a person connecting dots with lines, representing the logical reasoning behind a decision or argument.

Restraint –
Visualize a person holding back a wild horse with a lasso, representing the act of exercising restraint or control over a situation.

Myriad (無数) –
Imagine a vast night sky filled with countless stars, illustrating the concept of myriad or countless possibilities.

Perspective –
Picture two people standing on opposite sides of a large object, each seeing it from a different angle, representing different perspectives.

Perception –
Think of an optical illusion, where what one person perceives may be different from what another sees, highlighting the subjective nature of perception.

Stem (茎) –
Imagine a stem of a plant holding up a vibrant flower, representing the central supporting structure of a plant.

Specimen –
Visualize a scientist holding up a test tube containing a specimen, representing a sample used for scientific study or analysis.

Zest –
Picture a lemon being zested, releasing its tangy aroma, symbolizing enthusiasm, energy, and excitement.


Endowment (寄付) –

Altruism (利他主義) –

Blacklash (反発) –

Coincidence (偶然) –

Gist (要点) –

Liaison (連絡役) –

Influx (殺到) –

Mimicry (擬態) –

Onset (発症) –

Oversight (見落とし) –

Preservation (保存) –

Privilege (特権) –

Paternity (父権) –

Reversal (逆転) –

Verdict (判決) –

Hike up (を引き上げる):


Hit the jackpot (一山当てる):


Hit the roof (激怒する):


Hole up (隠れる):


Harp on (について繰り返し話す):



Endowment (寄付)Financial endowment: 財政的寄付
Endowment fund: 寄付基金
Altruism (利他主義)Acts of altruism: 利他的な行為
Spirit of altruism: 利他の精神
Backlash (反発)Public backlash: 公の反発
Social backlash: 社会的な反発
Coincidence (偶然)Stroke of coincidence: 偶然の一致
Remarkable coincidence: 注目すべき偶然
Gist (要点)Main gist: 主要な要点
Legal gist: 法的な要点
Liaison (連絡役)Government liaison: 政府との連絡役
Business liaison: ビジネスとの連絡役
Influx (殺到)Economic influx: 経済的な殺到
Tourist influx: 観光客の殺到
Mimicry (擬態)Animal mimicry: 動物の擬態
Vocal mimicry: 声の擬態
Onset (発症)Early onset: 早期発症
Sudden onset: 突然の発症
Oversight (見落とし)Government oversight: 政府の監督
Managerial oversight: 管理上の見落とし
Preservation (保存)Cultural preservation: 文化の保存
Environmental preservation: 環境の保存
Privilege (特権)Legal privilege: 法的特権
Personal privilege: 個人的特権
Paternity (父権)Legal paternity: 法的父権
Biological paternity: 生物学的父権
Reversal (逆転)Dramatic reversal: 劇的な逆転
Policy reversal: 政策の逆転
Verdict (判決)Legal verdict: 法的判決
Jury verdict: 陪審団の判決