Interject –
Imagine a person named Jack interjecting himself into a conversation with a giant “J” flag.
Mnemonic: Jack loves to INTERJECT with his big “J” flag.

Affix –
Visualize a chef fixing (affixing) toppings onto a pizza.
Mnemonic: The chef will AFFIX your favorite toppings onto the pizza.

Linger –
Picture a scent lingering in the air long after the candle has been blown out.
Mnemonic: The scent of the candle LINGERS in the air.

Coax –
Think of coaxing a cat out of hiding with a toy mouse
Mnemonic: Use the toy mouse to COAX the cat out of hiding.

Procure –
Imagine a squirrel procuring nuts for the winter, diligently gathering them.
Mnemonic: Like the squirrel, we need to PROCURE what we need for the season.

Discern –
Picture using a magnifying glass to discern tiny details in a painting.
Mnemonic: The magnifying glass helps you DISCERN tiny details.

Pawn –
Think of pawning a valuable ring for quick cash in a pawnshop.
Mnemonic: He had to PAWN his ring for some quick cash.

Denote –
Imagine a sign denoting the entrance to a secret garden.
Mnemonic: The sign DENOTES the entrance to the secret garden.

Reclaim –
Picture reclaiming lost treasure buried in the sand on a beach.
Mnemonic: Let’s RECLAIM the lost treasure buried in the sand.

Exemplify –
Visualize a shining gold star next to a perfect example of a test answer.
Mnemonic: The shining gold star EXEMPLIFIES a perfect answer.

Recur –
Think of a recurring dream with a clock constantly ticking in the background.
Mnemonic: The ticking clock in the dream keeps RECURRING.

Harness –
Picture harnessing the power of a wild stallion with a sturdy leather harness.
Mnemonic: Use the leather harness to HARNESS the power of the stallion.

Reminisce –
Imagine sitting by a fireplace, reminiscing about old times while looking at a photo album.
Mnemonic: By the fireplace, we REMINISCE over old photos.

Permeate –
Visualize a sponge soaking up water until it permeates every fiber.
Mnemonic: The sponge allows water to PERMEATE every fiber.

Replenish –
Think of replenishing energy levels with a refreshing drink after a workout.
Mnemonic: After the workout, drink to REPLENISH your energy levels.


Disparage (軽蔑する) – Think of someone disparagingly shaking their head while pointing at a disheveled garage.

Chafe (擦り切れる) –
Imagine your skin chafing against rough sandpaper, causing irritation.

Dub (称する) –
Picture a knight dubbed with a sword, officially receiving his title.

Deplete (使い果たす) –
Visualize a stack of coins depleting as they’re continuously spent.

Hurtle (猛スピードで進む) –
Think of a speeding train hurtling down the tracks, making a loud noise.

Evoke (呼び起こす) –
Imagine an old photograph evoking memories of a past vacation.

Founder (失敗する) –
Picture a ship foundering in a storm, sinking below the waves.

Loom (迫りくる) –
Think of dark storm clouds looming on the horizon, indicating an impending storm.

Incur (負う) –
Visualize a person incurring debts by overspending on unnecessary items.

Rumble (ゴロゴロと鳴る) –
Imagine a thunderstorm rumbling in the distance, shaking the windows.

Project (見積もる) –
Think of an architect projecting the cost of a new building using a calculator.

Snare (わな) –
Picture a hunter setting a snare trap to catch a rabbit.

Snare (罠にかける) –
Imagine a hunter setting a snare trap to catch a rabbit.

Scrawl (塗り書きする) –
Imagine a child scrawling colorful doodles on a blank wall.

Tarnish (曇らせる) –
Think of silver tarnishing over time, losing its shine.

Go on a binge (暴飲暴食する) –
Imagine a person binge-watching TV while surrounded by heaps of junk food wrappers.

Go viral (ネットで情報が共有される) –
Picture a video spreading rapidly across social media platforms, with likes and shares increasing exponentially.

Get X across to Y (XをYに理解させる) –
Imagine a teacher using colorful props and gestures to help students understand a complex concept.

Get the sack (お払い箱になる) –
Picture an employee carrying a sack filled with personal belongings after being fired from their job.

Greasy spoon (小さな大衆食堂) –
Imagine a cozy diner with a worn-out sign and the smell of frying food wafting from the kitchen.


Disparage – 軽蔑するDisparage someone’s abilities: 誰かの能力を軽蔑する
Disparage a competitor: 競合他社を軽蔑する
Chafe – 擦れるChafe against authority: 権威との間で摩擦が生じる
Chafe under restrictions: 制限に対して擦れる
Dub – 重ねるDub someone “the winner”: 誰かを「優勝者」として重ねる
Dub a film in Japanese: 日本語で映画を重ねる
Deplete – 消耗するDeplete resources: 資源を消耗する
Deplete energy: エネルギーを消耗する
Hurtle – 突進するHurtle through space: 宇宙を突進する
Hurtle towards disaster: 災害に向かって突進する
Evoke – 呼び起こすEvoke memories: 思い出を呼び起こす
Evoke emotions: 感情を呼び起こす
Founder – 沈没するShip founders on rocks: 船が岩に乗り上げて沈没する
Company founders due to mismanagement: 企業が経営の誤りで沈没する
Loom – 迫るDark clouds loom overhead: 暗雲が頭上に迫る
Deadline looms: 締め切りが迫る
Incur – 負うIncur debt: 負債を負う
Incur expenses: 費用を負う
Rumble – 鳴り響くThunder rumbles in the distance: 遠くで雷が鳴り響く
Stomach rumbles: 腹が鳴る
Project – 見積もるProject costs: 費用を見積もる
Project future earnings: 将来の収益を見積もる
Snare – わなにかけるSnare an animal: 動物をわなにかける
Snare a suspect: 容疑者をわなにかける
Steer – 操縦するSteer a ship: 船を操縦する
Steer a conversation: 会話を操縦する
Scrawl – 下手な字で書くScrawl a note: メモを下手な字で書く
Scrawl graffiti on a wall: 壁に落書きをする
Tarnish – 傷つけるTarnish reputation: 評判を傷つける
Tarnish silverware: 銀器を傷つける