As the sun began to set, casting long shadows across the city streets, a sense of anticipation filled the air. People hurried along the sidewalks, eager to reach their destinations before nightfall. In the distance, the neon lights of the bustling metropolis beckoned like beacons, promising excitement and adventure.

Meanwhile, in a laboratory on the outskirts of town, scientists worked feverishly to inoculate the population against a deadly virus that threatened to detonate into a full-blown pandemic. Each vial of vaccine contained the potential to inject hope into the hearts of millions, and every syringe wielded by medical professionals was a weapon in the fight against the invisible enemy.

At the central command center, military officials prepared to dispatch troops to regions where unrest threatened to guzzle the fragile peace. They strategized meticulously, devising plans to deploy resources and personnel with precision and efficiency. Every decision made could nudge the balance of power in favor of stability or chaos.

In the digital realm, cybersecurity experts worked tirelessly to encrypt sensitive information and thwart cyberattacks from malicious hackers. The technology landscape continued to evolve at a rapid pace, presenting new challenges and opportunities for those tasked with safeguarding data and privacy.

Amidst the chaos, a breakthrough in a high-profile criminal case served to exonerate an innocent individual who had been wrongfully accused. The truth had erupted like a volcano, shattering the facade of deception and revealing the corrupt underbelly of the justice system.

Yet, even as the world grappled with these myriad challenges, there remained a glimmer of hope—a belief that humanity’s capacity to encompass compassion and resilience would ultimately prevail. Bound by the fetters of fate and circumstance, people continued to wriggle free and forge ahead, determined to shape a better future for generations to come.









beckon – ●●●
inoculate – ●●●
detonate – ●●●
inject – ●●●
dispatch – ●●●
guzzle – ●●●
deploy – ●●●
nudge – ●●●
encrypt – ●●●
evolve – ●●●
exonerate – ●●●
erupt – ●●●
encompass – ●●●
fetter – ●●●
wriggle – ●●●

fill X in on Y: ●●●
fade in: ●●●
firm up: ●●●
flesh out: ●●●
face the music: ●●●


She ●●●ed me over with a wave of her hand.

Doctors will ●●● children against measles.

The bomb is set to ●●● in five minutes.

The nurse will ●●● the medicine into your arm.

The company will ●●● a team to investigate the issue.

He ●●●d down his drink in one gulp.

The army will ●●● troops along the border.

He gently ●●●d his friend to get their attention during the lecture.

It’s important to ●●● your sensitive information online.

Technology continues to ●●● at a rapid pace.

The new evidence served to ●●● the defendant.

The volcano is expected to ●●● at any moment.

The report will ●●● all aspects of the project.

He felt ●●●ed by the constraints of his job.

The snake tried to ●●● free from the grasp of the handler.


I need to ●●● in my boss on the progress of the project.

The scene gradually ●●●s in as the sun rises.

We need to ●●● up the details of our plan before presenting it to the board.

The author ●●●ed out the characters in her novel with vivid descriptions.

After making a mistake, he knew he had to ●●● the music and apologize.