As I read through the dense pages of the ancient tome, the sound of the fire crackling in the hearth provided a comforting backdrop. I couldn’t help but crunch on a handful of roasted nuts, savoring their salty flavor. Suddenly, a thought claimed my attention, urging me to stop dawdling and focus on the task at hand. I knew that if I didn’t, I would forfeit the opportunity to uncover the secrets hidden within these cryptic passages.




crunch – ●●●
claim – ●●●
dawdle – ●●●
forfeit – ●●●
diagnose – ●●●
implicate – ●●●
blur – ●●●
monopolize – ●●●
invoke – ●●●
perpetrate – ●●●
stammer – ●●●
smuggle – ●●●
squabble – ●●●
ratify – ●●●
undermine – ●●●

flash back to: ●●●
fall through: ●●●
feud about: ●●●
fall back on: ●●●
fend off: ●●●


She ●●●ed on the crispy potato chips as she watched the movie.

He ●●●ed that the idea was originally his, but many doubted his assertion.

Stop ●●●ing and finish your homework already!

If you don’t follow the rules, you will ●●● your chance to participate.

The doctor was able to ●●● the illness quickly and start treatment.

The evidence seemed to ●●● him in the crime, but further investigation was needed.

The artist used soft brush strokes to ●●● the edges of the painting, creating a dreamlike effect.

The company tried to ●●● the market by buying out its competitors.

She ●●●d the spirits of her ancestors to guide her through the difficult times.

The criminals ●●●d the robbery under the cover of darkness.

He ●●●ed nervously when asked to give a presentation in front of the class.

●●●ing goods across borders is illegal and can result in severe consequences.

The siblings often ●●● over trivial matters, but they always make up quickly afterward.

The treaty was ●●●ed by all participating countries, solidifying their commitment to peace.

Continuous criticism can ●●● a person’s confidence and self-esteem.


Every time I see that old photo, I ●●● back to our trip to the beach last summer.

Their plans to expand the business ●●● through due to a lack of funding.

The two neighbors have been ●●●ing about the property line for years.

When all else fails, we can ●●● back on our emergency savings.

The goalkeeper managed to ●●● off the opponent’s powerful shot with a diving save.