As she walked through the bustling marketplace, Rachel couldn’t help but feel a sense of unease. She had come here to admonish the vendors who had been assaulting customers with exorbitant prices. However, as she approached, she realized her presence might only alienate them further. With a sigh, she dangled the idea of fair trade, hoping to dissuade them from their unethical practices. Yet, as she fumbled with her words, she couldn’t shake the feeling that her efforts might be in vain.

Meanwhile, across the street, a group of merchants gloated over their latest profits, their faces twisted with greed. They had no intention to invert their pricing schemes; instead, they relished the opportunity to haggle with unsuspecting customers. With each jiggle of their merchandise and every quiver of their voice, they manipulated buyers into spending more than they could afford. Rachel couldn’t help but shun their deceitful tactics, vowing to slam their reputation in the community.

Back at the hospital, after a long day of tending to patients, Rachel found herself sprawled on the couch, exhausted from the day’s events. She couldn’t help but reflect on the opportunities squandered in the marketplace, wishing she could have made a greater impact on the community.






admonish – ●●●

assault – ●●●

alienate – ●●●

dangle – ●●●

dissuade – ●●●

fumble – ●●●

gloat – ●●●

invert – ●●●

haggle – ●●●

jiggle – ●●●

quiver – ●●●

shun – ●●●

slam – ●●●

sprawl – ●●●

squander – ●●●

farm out: ●●●

fork out: ●●●

flood in: ●●●

fall out with: ●●●

five-finger discount: ●●●


The teacher had to ●●● the students for talking during the exam.

The gang ●●●ed the innocent bystanders in the alley.

His rude behavior ●●●d his friends.

The keys ●●●d from the hook by the door.

I tried to ●●● him from quitting his job, but he wouldn’t listen.

He ●●●d for his glasses on the nightstand.

He couldn’t help but ●●● over his victory.

The magician ●●●d over the price of the car for hours.

She ●●●d the doorknob, trying to open the locked door.

Her voice ●●●ed with emotion as she spoke about her lost pet.

He ●●●ned social gatherings, preferring solitude.

She ●●●med the door shut in frustration.

The city ●●●ed outwards, engulfing the surrounding countryside.

He ●●●ed his inheritance on luxury cars and extravagant vacations.


The company decided to ●●● out the production of their new product to a factory overseas.

I had to ●●● out a lot of money for the repairs to my car.

When the store announced a sale, customers ●●●ed in from all over the city.

She ●●● out with her best friend over a misunderstanding.

The teenager was caught trying to leave the store with items he had taken with a ●●●-finger discount.